Rutgers Entrepreneurship Day

Earlier this month, the BEST Institute hosted the first ever - RUTGERS ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY.

In addition to several high profile keynote speakers, a panel of entrepreneurs, the event attracted dozens of early-stage and mid-stage entrepreneurs seeking to pitch their ideas to the members of the VC and Investor community.

I saw everything from innovative baby shoes, to online music platforms, to security software. The idea generators ranged from Rutgers STUDENTS, to seasoned entrepreneurs, and many ex-wall street professionals looking to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

As always, networking opportunity was everywhere and reluctant to miss a chance, I made several fruitful connections. After gauging the interest of the crowd I noticed a lot of respect and admiration for the youthful college spirit. Many people were interested in connecting to students in order to capitalize on their creativity and unique market sense.

Overall, a tremendous event. Hats off to the BEST Institute for packing the room with a high quality audience!

Don't Miss the next one :)


Green Ventures Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Green Ventures Conference & Expo, hosted at Fairleigh Dickinson University. This three day event was jam packed with speakers, panel discussions on green entrepreneurship, and tons of networking opportunities. The FDU Gymnasium was PACKED with green-technology entrepreneurs displaying their ideas, giving presentations, and handing out samples. I was particularly looking for GREEN CAMPUS TECHNOLOGIES. Rutgers needs more green innovations on our campus that go beyond traditional solar panels... By hosting this event, the folks at FDU placed themselves on the map for entrepreneurs and other universities looking to develop sustainable technologies. More information and event coverage can be found here: